Provincial cuts not as deep but still painful, Tory says

Premier Doug Ford has walked back some of the planned cuts to Toronto Public Health but the city is still looking at a budget hit over changes to child care funding, Mayor John Tory says.

“I want to make sure that these much needed services in public health and child care and a host of other areas for the people of Toronto are maintained, that they are fairly and properly financed and that means that they should be cost shared between and among governments because they should not be the sole responsibility of property taxpayers,” Tory said Monday. “And I believe that message has got through to the government of Ontario.”


“In the days ahead, we will be reviewing the full details of today’s proposal, particularly with regards to child care funding in Toronto, where based on information currently available, the city could still face significant impacts to its budget next year,” Tory said.

Toronto Board of Health Chair Joe Cressy said the cuts remain an “attack” on Ontarians.

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