GUNTER: Of course Liberals will increase the carbon tax if re-elected

Then this past weekend, McKenna herself failed to rule out a jump in the tax after it reaches the $50 level in 2022, despite her earlier assurances. The minister’s latest remarks – that the tax might have to go higher – drew praise from Guilbeault who called it “a very good thing” and added that the “price should reflect the cost of climate change to society.”

We know the Liberals have an internal report from Environment Canada that estimates the carbon tax will have to rise to between $135 and $300 a tonne if Canada is to achieve the goal it promised the U.N. of reducing carbon emissions to 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

And we know the U.N. itself estimates carbon taxes may have to rise to as much as $5,500 a tonne if the world is to achieve the emission reductions promised at the Paris climate conference in 2015.

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