FUREY: My media colleagues better get their anti-Scheer bias in check pronto

A quick review of Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale’s social media shows he typically keeps a pretty stoic online presence. That is until the other week, when he unleashed a carefully orchestrated hit piece on Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

It was that 14-year-old video that we’ve all seen by now of Scheer standing in the House of Commons explaining why he would not be voting in favour of same-sex marriage. It was carefully orchestrated because: 1) Someone (likely a team of people) had to source and clip the video, 2) It went up simultaneously in both English and French-language posts, 3) Goodale had accompanying spin drafted in a subsequent post to gently guide the media and public in how this should be framed.

Wreck-It Ralph managed to break the internet with his posts, which were automatically amplified by mainstream media and then repurposed into news stories and TV broadcast segments. It remained the “it” talker for days, to the point where Scheer was hounded on the matter at public appearances.

Let’s not relitigate an issue that was stale before it even came up. Goodale, and quite a few other Liberals, also voted against same-sex marriage back then. Scheer has since made it clear he accepts the law as it is and will oppose any attempts to overturn it. Hypocrisy abounds, etc.