BLIZZARD: Schools have changed — and not for the better

It was a breath of fresh air last week to see new Education Minister Stephen Lecce finally dump the disastrous Discovery Math curriculum that’s consigned the math skills of a generation of children to the trash heap.

Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce

Year after year, testing showed kids weren’t meeting the grades. Our kids can’t do the math — because we haven’t taught it. It wasn’t their fault or the fault of teachers. It was the trendy curriculum that pleased no one but ideologues.

Despite overwhelming evidence that it was a success, Toronto District School Board caved to activists in 2017 and dropped the effective School Resource Officer program that placed police in schools.

One study showed an overwhelming 75% of students said they felt safer when there was a cop in their school. They even slept better. Successful program? Kids feeling safe? Can’t have that. The program was dumped.

Then there’s the ludicrous revamp of the dress code TDSB brought in last year. Kids can wear pretty well what they want: Ripped shorts? Go ahead. Bare midriffs? Let it all hang out.

No one dares tell our precious children that certain clothing items are more appropriate for the beach, so they show up at a place of learning looking like scruffy ragamuffins.

The leftist activists who advocate this stupidity wonder why enrolment in private and separate schools with uniforms and strict codes of conduct has soared. Hint: it’s because they have uniforms and strict codes of conduct. And they teach morals and ethics and all those good things that are considered old-fashioned and therefore reprehensible by the people who run the public system.