‘They’re all idiots’: Amid Brexit chaos, Britons lose faith in their politicians

ROMFORD, England — Regardless of whether British voters chose to leave or remain in the European Union, the latest Brexit crisis in Westminster this week has united them on one front: They have lost all faith in their politicians.

“They’re all idiots. Stuck up, stupid, useless idiots,” said Liam Peters, 37, a carpenter from Barling, in southeast England, who voted to leave in the 2016 referendum. “We voted for a very simple thing: to leave. We didn’t vote for deals or endless negotiations. We just want to get out, but our politicians are useless, and they have turned one of the most important decisions in our history into a farce.”

After three years of painstaking negotiations, votes and delays to Brexit, many Leavers hoped that Boris Johnson would achieve what he said he would and wrench Britain out of the bloc, “do or die.” But since Parliament returned from summer recess last week, Johnson has failed at every turn, losing four key votes and his majority in Parliament, and facing the humiliation of his own brother’s stepping down from Parliament and his government. Ultimately, in less than one week, he lost control of Brexit — the one thing he vowed to deliver.

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