LILLEY: Trudeau deflects blame for blocking RCMP probe of office

So we have our national police force interested enough in finding out if Trudeau and his team broke the law that they are asking questions and the Privy Council Office (PCO) shuts them down. Trudeau and his team want you to think he had nothing to do with this decision but here is the reality: Shugart reports to Trudeau, not the other way around.

When the RCMP wanted to gain access to documents in the Mike Duffy investigation, a waiver was granted to allow access to those documents and for staff to speak freely to the police. When Vice-Admiral Mark Norman was on trial and the issue of cabinet confidence was raised, former prime minister Stephen Harper gave permission to open up any documents the court needed for the trial.

Even former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin granted a waiver on cabinet confidence to allow the Gomery Commission to investigate the Sponsorship Scandal.

That Trudeau is not granting a waiver and hiding behind the PCO decision shows he simply wants this shut down.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer called on Trudeau to immediately waive cabinet confidence to allow the RCMP to gain access to people and documents.

“We know that the power to waive cabinet confidence and the power to waive privilege rests with the prime minister. That is clear. It’s within his power to do so,” Scheer told reporters before boarding his campaign plane in Ottawa.