MULCAIR: Progressive voters, betrayed by Trudeau, weigh the alternatives

Hasan Minhaj has Justin Trudeau’s number. The star of the hit Netflix comedy show Patriot Act was given access to Trudeau for the kind of sit-down interview Canadian journalists are rarely granted. Trudeau’s handlers no doubt figured their man would simply charm the American stand-up and score big with hip, savvy voters.

They forgot to view a few of Minhaj’s brilliant offerings on the Daily Show: this guy wields political humour like a Gamma Knife. Mr. Trudeau’s performance has been viewed millions of times and is indeed being talked about a lot, especially by young voters, just not in the way that the Liberals would’ve liked.

Minhaj zeroes in on one of Trudeau’s key broken promises: his Paris Accord pledge to reduce greenhouse gases in Canada. The result is priceless. Minhaj lets Trudeau recite his inane line that increasing oil production is a good way to fight climate change. Minhaj uses cold facts to demonstrate the absurdity of the idea, then tells Trudeau that it’s like saying you’re going to whiten your teeth with red wine.

Trudeau seems perplexed as he’s never been challenged like this before. Humour, it turns out, can be far more devastating than opposition rants in Question Period that our Prime Minister has simply learned to pirouette away from. There was no escaping Minhaj, whose sharp eye had caught everything from SNC-Lavalin to arms sales to Saudi Arabia.