The $2 million prize to Tzeporah Berman should have stirred a tidal wave of controversy

News that Tzeporah Berman won a whopping US$2 million climate award from an American environmental group scarcely caused a ripple in Canada when it should have stirred up a tsunami.

Last week, the Climate Breakthrough Project announced that Berman, who lives in Vancouver, was the 2019 recipient of its annual award.

“With Climate Breakthrough Project funding, she will be developing a strategic approach to limiting new oil and gas development globally to align with the UN Paris Agreement goals of a safe climate,” states the group’s release about the award.

Translation: When U.S. organizations like Climate Breakthrough use the word “globally,” they really mean “shut down the Alberta oilsands and never utter the word Texas, let alone glance in that state’s direction.”

The release also notes, “Her goal is to engineer a large reduction in new oil and gas development that will ensure huge amounts of carbon stay uncombusted and out of the atmosphere.”

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