EDITORIAL: Scheer shows his gravitas, while Trudeau just no-shows

While discussing pocket book issues, the energy sector, foreign affairs and more, Scheer looked straight into the camera and presented his vision for the country with seriousness and focus.

It was something of a new look for Scheer – almost two straight hours of gravitas and leadership. It was also a good look for him. And it’s what Canada needs now more than ever.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is no longer the darling of the global cocktail circuit and progressive media. After his India trip and Lavscam, he isn’t taken as seriously as he used to be.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh also performed well in what was, for the most part, his first “getting to know you” with the broader electorate. Singh’s delivery was confident but also casual – he came across as a nice guy who genuinely cares about

Greens Leader Elizabeth May did what she usually does: She said what she felt needed to be said. Her alarmist tone about the looming catastrophe of global warming was over the top and no doubt put voters off. But we at least credit her with being genuine. It’s not like she’s created her policies based on focus groups.

Now, if only we could have heard from Trudeau.