Raymond de Souza: The horror of the tyrannical Mugabe, and Canada’s shameful welcome

Excerpt: “In 1983, the Trudeau government was advised repeatedly by its own diplomats about Mugabe’s massacres in Matabeleland. Like most Western countries at the time, Canada could not be bothered. But Trudeau went a step further, inviting Mugabe to visit Canada even as the massacres were ongoing. And not just for diplomatic niceties and a quick greeting in Ottawa. Trudeau laid on a cross-country tour for Mugabe to be greeted by first ministers across the land. Not a word was spoken about the ruthless repression.

Eventually the scale of Mugabe’s atrocities would try the patience even of those Western countries who cared little for Africa. By time of Trudeau’s death in 2000, Mugabe was on his way to becoming an international pariah. Hence he did not attend Trudeau’s funeral, where the only current head of government to attend was Fidel Castro.

Link to Source: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/raymond-de-souza-the-horror-of-the-tyrannical-mugabe-and-canadas-shameful-welcome