GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s nervous about running on his record

Why is that man scaring those children?

If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was confident of winning the Oct. 21 election based on his political record over the past four years, the Liberals wouldn’t feel the need to portray their political opponents as not only wrong, but evil.

But this is what Liberals always do when they feel their self-declared status as Canada’s natural governing party is in danger of being usurped by the Conservatives in a federal election.

Thus, today’s Liberals are attacking Andrew Scheer in the same way they used to attack Stephen Harper during elections.

They’re claiming Scheer, like Harper, has a hidden agenda to outlaw abortions and same-sex marriages, despite Scheer’s denials and the historical reality that none of that happened under Harper.

This despite Trudeau’s laughable claim going into the campaign that he would take the high road and leave the dirty politics to the other political parties.