LILLEY: Trudeau Liberals trade sunny ways for a campaign of fear

Whatever happened to sunny ways?

In 2015, soon-to-be prime minister Justin Trudeau went across the country preaching “Sunny ways my friend, sunny ways!” These days, he’s criss-crossing the country warning darkly about people that aren’t even running in this federal election — Stephen Harper and Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

Yes, the Liberal slogan is “Choose Forward” but really it should be “Quick don’t look in the rearview mirror there is a scary man coming!”

At every turn, Trudeau warns about the dangers of going back to the “Harper years.” At his news conference on Monday, Trudeau mentioned Stephen Harper by name nine times. He mentioned Doug Ford at least four times, the same number of times he mentioned the guy he’s actually running against, Andrew Scheer.

Our own polling from the DART & Maru/Blue Voice Canada Poll shows that women are more likely to say the economy is not currently working for them, that they are having trouble getting ahead as compared to four years ago.

While the Liberals are trying to scare women into not voting for the Conservatives on Oct. 21, the Conservatives are trying to offer women a reason to vote for them.

The winner of that debate will take the election.