LILLEY: Trudeau offers false hope and empty promises on gun violence

“We moved forward, we did not wait for this election campaign. We moved forward concretely on strengthening gun control measures over the past four years,” Trudeau said at a campaign stop in St. John’s.

“I encourage all other parties, including the Conservatives, to begin to take gun control and the safety of our communities seriously.”

If only Trudeau was serious about making communities safer.

The Liberals love to point to Bill C-71, which became law at the end of June just as Parliament rose for the summer.

Yes, it took the Liberals their full mandate to pass their lone gun control measure. What it did was create paperwork for law-abiding gun owners, while failing to deal with the real problem of gangsters with illegal guns.

One of the measures that the Liberals like to brag about bringing in to make communities safer is reversing a Harper government decision on transporting guns.

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