Former cocaine trafficker and wife show up to support the candidacy of Liberal candidate

According to a report by La Presse, a former cocaine trafficker and his wife were at an event in support of the Liberal candidate for Drummond, Quebec.

The event was for William Morales, who was recently declared as the candidate for the riding by the Liberal party.

Among those in the audience were Julian Andrey Mazuera and his wife, Ana Milena Padilla Vaquero, both of whom had been convicted of various criminal activity in the past.

Mazuera was arrested in 2013 and sentenced to serve ten years in prison for trafficking cocaine. Mazeura was arrested alongside 90 other individuals in an operation seeking to monopolize the cocaine black market in Canada. Before that, he was also caught with 31 kg in cocaine by the RCMP.

On the other hand, Vaquero was arrested for being involved in defrauding immigrant social services of around $279,000.

According to journalists present at the announcement, Morales and Mazeura both embraced at the event.

“These people are not involved in my campaign and any suggestion to the contrary is unfounded. Of course, I maintain contact with members of the Spanish-speaking Drummondville community, but I do not have close relations with these two people,” said Morales about the pair.