Late-night talk show hosts target Trudeau blackface scandal

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau got the wrong kind of international attention Thursday as late-night talk show hosts south of the border took jabs at him for dressing in blackface when he was younger.

As part of his opening segment, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah said the reason Trudeau has been popular in the U.S. is because he’s been a women’s rights and environmental advocate, and he has connected with minority communities.

“But now we are learning that he may have connected with minority communities a little too much,” Noah joked.

The Liberal leader was also mentioned on the Conan talk show Thursday night.

“A big scandal up in Canada,” host Conan O’Brien said as some audience members cheered.

“I know you are Canadian, but this is not good news for you,” he said to them. “Canadians are just so happy to be mentioned.”