Toronto Star claims that “blackface is as Canadian as hockey”

In a bizarre new article in the Toronto Star,  Dr. Cheryl Thompson makes the outrageous claim that “blackface is as Canadian as hockey.”

Thompson goes on to describe that “From the 1880s through to the 1960s, blackface was performed regularly in public spaces, such as department stores, high school graduations, churches, women’s auxiliary groups, and even at summer camps.”

That’s all true. But this is 2019. And Trudeau’s transgressions took place in the 90s and 2000s. Blackface was universally regarded as racist by that time.

What’s going on here is obvious. The Toronto Star is carrying water for Trudeau. And they are doing so in such a blatant, shameless way that it’s enough to make one blush.

One can have the opinion that Trudeau must be forgiven. One can have the opinion that Trudeau must not be cancelled.