GOLDSTEIN: It’s time to call Trudeau to account

Can we not now, at long last, simply admit it?

That four years ago we elected a shallow, not overly bright, temperamental child of privilege, who would have had zero chance of leading the Liberal Party of Canada, let alone becoming Prime Minister of Canada, were his last name not “Trudeau?”

Can we not, at long last, acknowledge the painfully obvious — that while Justin Trudeau can act the part of prime minister when he has a script prepared for him, by others — he’s terrible at thinking on his feet?

Can we not admit that Trudeau has repeatedly misled us on matters of substance, from his initial declaration the Globe and Mail’s first story on the SNC-Lavalin scandal was “false,” to his 2015 election promise — not a prediction, a promise he made on national television — that Canada would have a balanced budget this year? (Now, he says it’s a $19.8 billion deficit.)

Can we not acknowledge that a prime minister who says the reason he didn’t know blackface was racist — as a full-grown adult and a teacher — was that he was surrounded by layers of white privilege, is essentially telling us he’s not a racist because he’s oblivious and dumb?

What more will it take after the Aga Khan vacation scandal, the Lavscam scandal and the Mark Norman prosecution scandal — plus the findings of two ethics commissioners that he violated federal conflict of interest legislation — for us to finally acknowledge Trudeau has no meaningful understanding of the limits of the wise, judicious and appropriate use of prime ministerial power?

How much longer are we to tolerate a prime minister who, when asked in 2013 what country he admires, came up with the “basic dictatorship” of China, whose dictators are currently hell-bent on snuffing out democracy in Hong Kong, while unjustly imprisoning Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig?