KINSELLA: Justin Trudeau all sizzle no steak

The land is strong.

Sound familiar? Remember that?

The oldtimers do. It was an actual slogan deployed in the 1972 federal election campaign. Didn’t work out too well.

In yesterday walks tomorrow, they say, and that is certainly true when one compares 1972 to 2019. The similarities are striking.

– In 1972, a Trudeau led the Liberal Party, as in 2019.

– It was a Liberal majority government seeking another majority, as now.

– Back in 1972, as in 2019, the Conservatives were led by a kind of boring, bland guy who everyone underestimated.

– The Liberals’ 1972 slogan, “the land is strong,” sucked. So does the Liberals’ 2019 slogan, “Choose Forward.” It’s ungrammatical and uninspiring.

… (Trudeau), doesn’t have much to brag about, legislatively.

Legalization of cannabis, and … that’s it.

History will not remember Justin Trudeau for lots of important legislative achievements, because there haven’t been any. It’s been a lot of social media sizzle, but not much policy steak.

Broken promises and voter disappointments — they’re not predicaments unknown to incumbent governments, true.

But, if there’s enough of them, they’re why those governments get defeated.

And, at this point, Justin Trudeau isn’t known for any achievements at all. He’s known for being a racist, and wearing blackface.