Supreme Court could hear groundbreaking case that challenges UN immunity

As world leaders descend on New York for this year’s U.N. General Assembly, the immunity enjoyed by the organization is being challenged at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Following a devastating earthquake in 2010, Nepalese peacekeepers sent to help instead brought Cholera to Haiti – a disease unknown to the country at the time. Waste from the peacekeepers’ HQ leaked into the local river and ended up being responsible for ten thousand deaths, with hundreds of thousands contacting it.

“My father and stepmother both died because the U.N. brought cholera to Haiti.” Marie Laventure, the lead plaintiff in the case told Fox News in an email.

Laventure wants her day in court.

“Many other Haitians, including Haitian Americans, died as well. This may be the last chance for justice for those hurt by the U.N.’s actions. The U.N. must be held responsible so they know there are consequences for the damage they cause in places like Haiti,” she said.

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