BONOKOSKI: Trudeau’s first debate will be on racism, just not when it’s in French

There is no question the federal election debate on Oct. 7 — the first which the blackface-tarnished Justin Trudeau will anoint with his presence — will largely be about race.

It is unavoidable.

None of us can unsee what we recently saw.

Canada’s national public broadcaster, the CBC, however, appeared bent on shifting the focus from Trudeau’s racist role-playing, first by having panel members express “deep disappointment” to changing the narrative hours later to suggest most Canadians are privileged white folk who are quietly racists and more than likely prone towards discriminating against people of colour.

It was almost spellbinding to watch.

It was as if it was choreographed by senior CBC editors to get their main man off the hot seat and get people talking more about racism in Canada generally, and not digging deeper into Trudeau’s blunders.

Who is the real Mr. Trudeau?” Singh asked reporters. “Is it the one behind closed doors, (or) the one when the cameras are turned off that no one sees?