GOLDSTEIN: UN’s fat-cat hypocrites praise Greta Thunberg

At yet another United Nations “climate action” summit in New York Monday, various and sundry global political leaders — Canada’s not among them — clapped and cheered as 16-year-old Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg condemned them as monsters.

In an emotional speech, which her supporters will describe as authentic and genuine and her critics as affected and theatrical, Thunberg, now the face of a global children’s crusade deploring government inaction on human-induced climate change, was scathing.

Thunberg provokes strong emotions on both sides of the climate debate.

Her supporters consider her a modern day Joan of Arc, crusading on behalf of the planet, while her detractors see her as an easily-manipulated poster child for a sinister movement to undermine capitalism.

And what has been the result of 30 years of global jet-setting, virtue signalling, expense-account crusading on the public’s dime and billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars already spent, with hundreds of billions more to come?

Global greenhouse gas emissions linked to human-induced climate change continue to rise — up 2.7% last year to a record 37.1 billion tonnes.  Up in China, the world’s largest emitter, up in the U.S,. the second-largest, up in India, up in Canada and scores of other countries.