LILLEY: Trudeau denounces intolerance while ducking blackface questions

While making a hastily arranged and short on detail health care announcement in Hamilton, Trudeau both denounced People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier — calling him intolerant — while giving himself another pass on wearing blackface at least three times.

“I have been open with Canadians. I will continue to be open with Canadians,” Trudeau said.

At that point, I did something I’m not sure I’ve ever done while covering a political leader. I laughed out loud.

Open with Canadians?

Trudeau was asked what his costume was, the one where he is in blackface, making ape like gestures, wearing a t-shirt with bananas on the front and apparently something large shoved down the front of his pants. He was asked specifically what that costume was and he refused to answer.

What gets me is that if this were any other politician, Trudeau would be demanding that person resign and leave public office. His party has called for candidates in other parties to be fired over less.

Yet, like with the Kokanee Grope, like with SNC-Lavalin and the RCMP looking into allegations of obstruction of justice, Trudeau lives by his own set of rules.