Woman charged after racial slurs hurled at man following Edmonton parking dispute

A 44-year-old woman has been charged after a racist rant in an Edmonton parking lot was caught on camera late last month.

On Aug. 15, Rahul Kumar started recording a dispute with a woman over a parking spot in his south Edmonton apartment parking lot.

He told Global News he was leaving for work that afternoon when he noticed a car parked in the emergency lane behind him. He said he had asked the woman who owns the car not to park there several times before.

In an interview with CTV Edmonton, the woman said she was not a racist and doesn’t regret what she said. She told CTV that Kumar left out much of the story and that he has been the aggressor in their various confrontations.“It’s not even the whole story. It’s the end of something that happened three weeks ago [in] which… my friend who lives there had to call police on that person,” said the woman, whom CTV referred to as Angelique.

She described a number of other incidents between the two, including one where Kumar pulled his vehicle to hers “nose to nose” and turned on his bright lights before turning off the vehicle and going into his apartment.

Kumar said arguments happen, but racial insults are never justified.

On Sept. 15, Angelique Denise Barfield, 44, was charged with causing a disturbance and mischief – obstruct lawful use of property.