LILLEY: Trudeau campaign flounders in wake of blackface scandal

If Justin Trudeau and the Liberals want to change the channel on how many times he’s dressed up in what even he described as racist blackface costumes, he’s going about it in a strange way.

For the fourth straight day of campaigning, the Liberals made bold policy announcements with about as much detail as his answers about his blackface costumes are vague.

“We’ll ban military assault rifles!” declare the Liberals.

Ok, how? The basic answer is that they will get back to us.

“We’ll cut your cellphone bill!” the Liberals announce.

I like that, but how? Well, don’t worry about the details, they don’t have any.

They’ve done the same with their promise to bring in greater mental health coverage, national pharmacare, and making Canada a country with net zero carbon emissions by 2050.