BONOKOSKI: Trudeau’s long-departed grandfather likely none too happy

According to MEI, ranked among the top 15 think tanks in the world, the regulatory burden facing small business in Canada today includes more than 136,000 rules, and they increased by another 4,300 since Justin Trudeau and his Liberals took over government in 2015.

The World Bank, which compares business regulations on private firms in 190 countries, has Canada falling to 18th spot from its No. 9 ranking when the supposedly cold-hearted Stephen Harper and his Conservatives were in power.

In competitiveness, Canada fell three points to 13th spot globally.

In other words, Trudeau’s embracing of the middle class “and those working hard to join it” is easily and reasonably a crock.

Canada’s 1.5 million small business, 417,000 of which are in Ontario, should have seen it coming when Trudeau, almost out of the gate, accused them of being “wealthy tax cheaters” when the majority of them earn a medium wage of around $60,000 annually.

They also represent 41.5% of our country’s GDP.

Yet, Trudeau taxes them heavily, insults them with accusations of tax thievery, all while spinning the lie that he’s bettering the lives of the middle-class and boosting those working hard to join it.

If only that were the case.

The truth, however, is that no prime minister before him has proven to be such a fraud so fast.

It almost takes one’s breath away.