University student council slams school’s info-sharing agreement with Police

The organization representing Western University’s students says it does not approve of, nor was it involved in any way, with a new agreement that will allow London police to provide information about misbehaving students to the school.

A freshly signed memorandum of understanding, unveiled this week, allows London police to share the names of Western students over the age of 18 facing serious charges or convictions with school officials so they can launch a student code-of-conduct investigation.

Earlier this year, the school expanded its code of conduct to include academic discipline, including expulsion, for bad behavior off campus, as well as on.

Municipal bylaw infractions and provincial offence tickets are not in the agreement, including infractions under the nuisance party bylaw, according to a statement the university posted on the website of Western News.

Western also points out in the statement that the information would eventually be shared through the court system, but the agreement allows the process to be “expedited.”