EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s still stiffing us for his refugee tab

For example, Trudeau’s promise during the 2015 election campaign that his government would have a $1 billion surplus this year, not the $19.8 billion deficit he projected in his latest budget.

In reality, whether he wins or loses on Oct. 21, Trudeau has already stuck the next federal government with a multi-million-dollar headache, which is paying for Toronto’s ongoing and growing tab for these refugee claimants (aka asylum seekers).

Currently there are 2,678 refugee claimants housed in Toronto’s emergency shelter system, 37% of all the available spaces, barely down from 40% last year.

For 2019, Trudeau has already stuck the City of Toronto with a $30 million tab for caring for them, given that the city’s anticipated costs will be $75.4 million this year, of which only $45.4 million has been reimbursed by the feds.

In 2017 and 2018, the feds provided $26 million to the city to defray the costs, $43.1 million short of what Toronto spent.