BONOKOSKI: When cabinet ministers come knocking to peddle their fiction

The Liberals’ climate strategy is 100% bogus. Their carbon tax is 100% bogus.

The latest nose stretcher from McKenna, however, is the promise to make Canada a “net zero” greenhouse gas emitter by the year 2050.

How? She doesn’t know.

Why? Because the technology that will do it has yet to be invented.

She must think we’re all a few cans short of a six-pack, and as dumb as doorknobs.

If we vote on Oct. 21 for the Conservative candidate in our riding, Carol Clemenhagen, who’s the first female president and CEO of the Canadian Hospital Association and an extremely capable executive, history tells us our vote will be like spitting into the ocean and expecting a sea change.

Ottawa Centre Conservative candidate Carol Clemenhagen during a political debate at the Glebe Community Centre in Ottawa on Sept 25, 2019.