GUNTER: Trudeau’s camping pledge is peak privilege

Now Justin Trudeau’s privilege truly is showing.

I’m talking about Trudeau’s announcement Thursday that the planet can be saved and the plight of the urban poor reversed if only we would spend gobs of taxpayers’ dollars getting underprivileged urchins out camping. The alleged climate “crisis” and chronic poverty whisked away with some tents and sleeping bags and, of course, government-subsidized trips to the woods.

This is at one and the same time one of the most patronizing and one of the most naive policies ever proposed during a Canadian election.

While at university I had a dorm mate who smoked a LOT of weed one night and was sure he had discovered the meaning of life. In his cannabis-induced haze he scribbled his answer down lest he forget it when his buzz dissipated. His insight, “This room smells funny,” was no more absurd than our prime minister’s “Camping Experience for Every Child in Canada.”

Trudeau is so far removed from the lives of ordinary Canadians, he just can’t comprehend regular people’s realities.

Trudeau’s proposal to spend $150 million a year on “bursaries” for 75,000 low-income families to spend four days annually in a provincial or national park is the airy dream of a privileged elitist and cries out to be lampooned.