FUREY: Facebook ‘fact check’ censors Sun column critiquing Liberals

The Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses of Canada (CCMBC), a non-profit organization registered as a third-party with Elections Canada, has 22,000 followers of its page. A large part of the page’s content consists of graphics made by Leal that feature quotes from articles or columns in mainstream publications, with a link directing readers to the original source.

Leal never had any trouble with Facebook administrators. Until the election began.

Bad enough Liberals want your vote, they also want your home” is the title of a recent column by veteran Sun scribe Mark Bonokoski that ran in late September.

The subject of the column was a policy floated by Liberal MP Adam Vaughan last year to tax the capital gains on the sale of principal residences. However, the Liberals deny this is something they’re actually going to do, as Bonokoski notes in his column.

But the Conservatives have been warning that this is secretly in the works and something like this may come to pass if the Liberals are re-elected, a concern that Bonokoski, an opinion columnist, shares in his piece.

The processing of “fact checking” content on Facebook is not actually done by Facebook itself but contracted out to a third party, AFP Fact Check. This is a division of Agence France-Presse, a popular news service that is, to a degree, a competitor of Postmedia.