Five hundred scientists send letter to UN saying “There is no climate crisis”

A group of 500 scientists and other experts have penned a letter to the UN declaring that there is no climate crisis and that there needs to be an open discussion on the issue of climate change. “We urge you to follow a climate policy based on sound science, realistic economics and genuine concern for those harmed by costly but unnecessary attempts at mitigation,” they write.

Those who contributed to the letter and research were led by CLINTEL (The Climate Intelligence Foundation) co-founder Guus Berkhout. Most of those who signed the letter are scientists, professors, former directors of environmentalist groups, economists, etc.

The letter reads:

A global network of 500 scientists and professionals has prepared this urgent message. Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address the uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real benefits as well as the imagined costs of adaptation to global warming, and the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of mitigation.

The letter was sent on September 23 to address the growing alarmist stance on environmental issues, specifically that which is espoused by Greta Thunberg.

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