LILLEY: Doug Ford really isn’t a factor in the federal election

Can we all stop saying that Doug Ford will be the deciding factor in the federal election?

We are living in a bizarre world where the Conservatives won’t say his name and the Liberals won’t stop saying his name. At the risk of insulting strategists in both parties, and hurting Ford’s ego, the Ontario premier simply is not that important to the federal race and the numbers back that up.

“A whopping 85% say the ‘policies and actions’ of the provincial PC government will make them less likely to support Andrew Scheer’s federal Conservative party,” said the Post.

That would be horrible news for any party but when you read to the end of the Angus Reid Institute news release on this poll, you learn that those voters almost exclusively voted Liberal or NDP in the last provincial election.

Wait! What? NDP and Liberal supporters don’t like Ford and won’t vote for Scheer? It’s as shocking as finding out water is wet and fire will burn.