LILLEY: Scheer promises to cut dictators off from foreign aid

Canadian taxpayers sent $7.1 million to China in foreign aid last year. The Trudeau Liberals also sent $5 million to North Korea, $4 million to Iran and even Putin’s Russia got $200,000.

None of those countries are democratic, all are run by dictators and none have values in line with Canada. So why are we funding them?

For that matter, why are we funding countries like Italy? And Mexico, $6.8 million; Turkey, $4.5 million; Brazil, $4.3 million; and Argentina, $2.1 million.

Why on earth would Canada fund any of these countries with foreign-aid money? They are wealthy trading partners, not countries with the basic needs of their citizens not being met.

Scheer’s plan was denounced by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau as not doing enough for climate change.

I’m not sure what giving millions to rich countries like Italy and Mexico — or dictatorships like China and Iran — has to do with climate change.

Other critics said if Scheer wins and implements his plan, Canada will lose out on a shot at a seat on the United Nations Security Council. I happen to think that Trudeau starting fights with Saudi Arabia and embarrassing us in India would have pretty much lost us the seat.

Wearing blackface likely lost Canada a bunch of votes from African countries.

Still, Scheer answered questions on that and didn’t shy away from saying the UN is not his priority.

“It’s more important to me that I help Canadians get ahead than curry favour at the United Nations,” Scheer