LILLEY: Trudeau goes for fear over facts once again on gun violence

One doctor spoke of the amount of blood each patient needs when they are brought in for treatment for gunshot wounds. Another described being called back to the hospital several times over a single weekend to operate on people who had been shot.

Against that backdrop, Trudeau pushed his message of allowing municipalities to ban handguns and rifles like the popular AR-15.

The main problem with linking these two ideas is that the doctors were talking about dealing with the violence, the pain and the carnage caused illegal guns wielded by gang members shooting up city streets across the country. Trudeau’s proposals, meanwhile, only targets law-abiding and licensed gun owners.

Trudeau is hoping that most people don’t make the connection, don’t ask the obvious questions. The AR-15 rifle that he continues to reference has no history as a crime gun in Canada. I’ve found one instance of this gun being used in a crime in the more than 50 years that the gun has been legal in Canada.

As for the handgun ban, will anyone already in violation of more than half a dozen laws for using their illegal handgun suddenly stop wielding their weapon because of a municipal ban?

Again, the answer is no.