MALCOLM: Trudeau’s yearbook tells a bigger story

Trudeau’s photo appears no less than a dozen times in each yearbook — more than most students at the small elite private school in the West side of Vancouver.

While the 2001 WPGA gala photo of Trudeau in blackface has created a huge controversy, the 2000 gala shows Trudeau dressed as James Bond, equipped with a Martini glass and a fake gun. In this photo, Trudeau can be seen holding the gun to a woman’s chest.

The event took place less than 10 months after the Columbine school shooting massacre, and schools all over North America were suspending and expelling students for bringing similar fake guns to school.

Much like in his blackface photo, Trudeau seems oblivious.Trudeau built his reputation in politics on the fact that he was a teacher, but looking back at his years at WPGA, we see the picture of an immature and unserious man who seemed to prefer light-hearted fun over discipline and hard work.