Bell: Kenney gets tough with farm invading protesters

Premier Kenney is not pleased.

When trespassing protesters descend by the dozens on a southern Alberta turkey farm and the authorities twiddle their thumbs over the aggressive antics of these law-breaking jerks, the Alberta government makes its move.

Under provincial law, fines for these trespassing protesters could be as high as $25,000 and up to six months in jail.

For organizations pulling these stunts, the ticket could be up to $200,000.

Schweitzer, the justice minister, sounds determined to lay down a little law and order where precious little can be found.

“It’s a signal to anyone who wants to do harm to our farmers. Not in Alberta. Not now. Not ever,” he says.

Some of the protesters held a sit-in at the turkey barn, hung around for hours and made demands.

No charges, press access to the turkeys. No, I don’t mean the protesters.

And, of course, they wanted to take away some live turkeys. It is reported they scored five of them and took them to a turkey safe space.

A news report also said the RCMP — yes, they arrived — accompanied the protesters on an inspection of the farm.

How very nice.

Why the police didn’t accompany the trespassers on an inspection of the nearest cop shop is beyond the comprehension of this old-school scribbler.

You want to know the problem? Listen to this Mountie.

“We allowed the protesters to protest as their legal right, even though they did occupy a turkey farm, which is a trespass and break-and-enter.”