BONOKOSKI: Trudeau’s ego-driven foreign aid exposed by cavalier $50M

One suspects thousands, if not millions, in Canada and around the world who are Twitter addicts spewed their coffees halfway across the room when Justin Trudeau, as prime minister, blasely sent out his tweet to comedian Trevor Noah pledging $50 million of our money toward his charitable cause.

It doesn’t really matter what Noah’s charity was, although it was a rather good one. What matters is that Trevor Noah is a big-time celebrity and Justin Trudeau needed a boost to his self-esteem via a shot of dopamine, and what better a fix than one of the world’s top comedians with a huge television fan base giving you a public high-five and shout-out?

It would be rocket fuel for Trudeau’s ego.

For us taxpayers, however, it meant another $50 million IOU on top of a huge stack of others from a government that just can’t stop giving aid money, even to regimes with badass dictators like China, North Korea and Iran.