FUREY: It’s time to unleash Doug Ford on Trudeau

Somewhere in the west end of Toronto, a designated hitter is sitting around and pacing in frustration as the game is played without him, being told he’s got to wait on the benches and sit this one out.

The establishment wisdom in political circles is that Ontario Premier Doug Ford needs to be missing in action during the federal election campaign. The idea is that Ford, who has slumped in the polls a year into his mandate, will become a target for Justin Trudeau to hone in on and vilify and could therefore hurt federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s election prospects.

There’s one major flaw to all of this though. It assumes that if Trudeau and Ford duke it out in the court of public opinion, that Trudeau will come out on top. Don’t be so sure.

If Justin Trudeau wants a fight, then maybe someone out there should give it to him.