GOLDSTEIN: It’s Trudeau’s Air Farce II

Our prime minister, while declaring a climate emergency, raising consumer prices on almost everything through his carbon tax and virtue-signalling that every Canadian must reduce their carbon footprint, needs two planes to campaign in this election.

The other major party leaders have one.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer delivered the funniest line of the French-language leaders’ debate Monday — clearly lying in wait to ambush Justin Trudeau at the right moment.

As he did during the segment on climate change, when he noted Trudeau is using two planes to campaign, “one for you and the media, and another for your costumes and canoes.”

Scheer later accused Trudeau of being a “high-carbon hypocrite” and a “false environmental defender,” adding that, as is so often the case with Trudeau, he has one standard for himself, and another for everyone else.