CARGOLIFT CONUNDRUM: Liberal cargo plane inefficient 1960s-era gas guzzler

Manufactured in 1975, the aircraft spent most of its life with Aer Lingus in Ireland before being purchased by Nolinor in 2017.

Considered one of the least efficient and worst polluting airliners in current service, the 737-200 was among the first generation of Boeing’s venerable 737 family of narrow-body airliners.

The (air) craft burns an average 3,691 litres of fuel per hour with its Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines, introduced on the Boeing 727 in 1962.

The shortest flight was a 31 km hop between Mirabel — Nolinor’s home airport — and Montréal–Trudeau on Oct. 3.

That came a day before another series of short flights — 233 km from Montréal–Trudeau to Quebec City, 313 km to Mont-Joli a few hours later, 675 km to Ottawa International that evening, followed almost immediately by a 136 km return to Montréal-Mirabel by 8:30 p.m.

Liberal party spokesperson Pierre-Olivier Herbert dismissed the Sun’s inquiries as a “ridiculous distraction” and criticized the Conservative Party for not purchasing carbon credits during the campaign.