LILLEY: Trudeau and Scheer face different stakes in English debate

When Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau walks into the English language debate on Monday night, he does so knowing that his hopes of a second majority government are fading and that according to the latest numbers from DART, only 25% of Canadians think he deserves to be re-elected as prime minister.

Those two facts are important because they will inform what kind of debate we will see.

Sure, the five debate moderators will try to hold the six leaders on the stage to a discussion of policy, but I expect Trudeau to come out early swinging at Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer on social issues.

It’s amazing to watch the Liberals work overtime to make sure voters think about anything other than Trudeau’s record in office or his record of wearing blackface or flying two planes. Next, we will hear that Scheer once returned a library book late and he’ll be peppered with questions about that.