EDITORIAL: Trudeau dodged the real issues at debate

It’s hard to blame the opposition. Both Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh got in all the shots they could.

But the format of the evening was a strange one, with topics pre-selected. The themes were affordability and economic insecurity, the environment, Indigenous issues, human rights and immigration.

There was nothing on rule of law. Nothing on budgets. Nothing on foreign affairs. As in, the debate organizers managed to create an evening where Trudeau’s weakest issues rarely came up. This is disappointing and the debates commission failed to offer a balanced discussion.

Some of the most important moments came at the end, when Scheer reminded Canadians that Trudeau has a history of breaking promises.

The best line of the night also came at the end and was by Scheer, when he joked that Trudeau should consider running for the Ontario Liberal Leadership, given how obsessed he is with bringing up Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

It was Scheer who ultimately offered up the strongest alternative to Trudeau. Scheer showed he is focused on economic issues and leaving more money in the pockets of Canadian families.