CANADA: Conservative fiscal plan gets a TRIPLE pass

The Conservative election platform received a positive overall score from the former Parliamentary Budget Officer, who graded Andrew Scheer’s party on the plus side for realistic economic assumptions, fiscal responsibility and transparency.

Kevin Page, the former Parliamentary budget watchdog, assessed the Conservatives’ platform Friday for the Star, after Page and his team of economists at the University of Ottawa’s Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy graded each of the major party’s fiscal plans earlier in the campaign.

In an interview Friday, Page said the Conservatives have put forward a different type of spending plan than their main national rivals, the Liberals, New Democrats and Greens. Where those parties are heavy on government spending, Page said, the Conservatives are looking to make “pretty significant” cuts.

“This is definitely a different philosophy. This is more about shrinking the footprint,” Page said.

After waiting until the final stage of the campaign — after the debates and on the same day as advance polls opened across the country — the Conservatives unwrapped their 102-page election platform in Delta, B.C. on Friday.