LILLEY: Should government regulate what you say on Facebook?

Are you ready to let the government regulate and monitor Facebook?

On the one hand you might say yes, that you want to make sure you’re not seeing fake news and don’t want your data stolen.

On the other hand, do you want the government deciding what news you get to see?

We’ve seen that happen already with a Sun column that questioned a Liberal policy proposal that if implemented would see the sale of your home face a capital gains tax.

The Liberals put forward the proposal, then once it was reported on said that it was not part of their platform.

So Facebook claimed our column, from the one and only Mark Bonokoski, “false” which meant fewer people saw it even though Bono had included statements from all sides in the debate.

That is what is happening due to a push by the Trudeau Liberals to tell social media companies to “clean up their act.”

A column that says a tax is possible is blocked because Liberals say it is false.

Meanwhile, the Liberals keep saying the Conservatives will ban abortion and stories making that claim, denied by the Conservatives, are not being blocked.