BONOKOSKI: The government we end up electing is a mirror of ourselves

A week from now, it will be over except for the crying, and Canada will get the government it deserves.

That’s the line, right?

It was first coined by the 19th-century French philosopher Joseph de Maistre, so at least give him a high five for his judgment’s longevity because it will be quoted extensively in just a week.

It was Maistre’s belief after his privileged life was uprooted by the French Revolution that any attempt to justify a government on rational grounds would only lead to unresolvable legitimacy arguments, with the end result being violence and chaos.

Are we there yet?

There should be no argument that this federal election campaign has set a new standard for going low, with our country accused at various levels of being racist and intolerant, and capped off with a sitting prime minister whose own life of undeniable privilege had him grinning from behind blackface paint at an age when most of us knew how wrong it was.

It’s an election supposedly about affordability, yet only the Conservatives have had any focus on this, but with all trying to bribe us with billions of our tax dollars to bury countless future generations under overwhelming debt.

When Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer talks about tackling the multi billions of debt and deficits saddled on us by the reckless spending of Justin Trudeau’s progressives, he is skewered for being a heartless Halloween villain who will slash the services we cherish the most and have too many of us living in despair and running to the food bank for sustenance.