GOLDSTEIN: Desperate Trudeau needs NDP voters to keep his job

In the final days of this election campaign, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be using the oldest Liberal trick in the book to try and preserve his job.

He’ll be warning NDP voters that if they don’t switch to the Liberals, they could end up with Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives in power.

Historically, whenever they’re in trouble, the Liberals argue that voting for the NDP divides so-called “progressive” voters and increases the risk of a Conservative government.

This comes from the Liberals’ arrogant belief they are Canada’s natural governing party and that the only purpose of the NDP and its supporters is to run to the Liberals if they’re in danger of losing power to the Conservatives.

That’s why NDP leader Jagmeet Singh repeated on Sunday (he said the same thing on Aug. 22) that there are no circumstances in which he’ll support Scheer if neither the Conservatives or Liberals win enough seats to form a majority government.

By stating he’ll support the Liberals in a minority government situation, Singh risks sending the message to NDP voters that they may as well vote for the Liberals to stop Scheer.

That’s why on Monday he emphasized he wants people to vote for the NDP on its own merits, not just to stop Scheer.

What he’s hoping for is that NDP voters, comfortable Singh won’t support Scheer, will elect a large number of New Democrats on Oct. 21, giving him more influence in a Trudeau/Liberal minority government.