MARIN: Trudeau should stop fixating on Doug Ford and look in mirror

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is fixating on Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

The media have even taken the habit of tweeting the number of times Trudeau utters Ford’s name during a speech. Depending on the speech, it’s about 10 times.

Trudeau’s obsessing with Ford even caused Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to urge Trudeau to run as head of the leaderless provincial Liberals.

Just last week the federal Attorney General of Canada, the new guy Trudeau appointed after he pushed his First Nations female AG under the bus for not following his orders to halt the SNC corruption trial, launched action in court to overturn a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal order. That order was directed at Trudeau’s government to pay $40,000 to each First Nations child taken from homes and communities under the on-reserve child welfare system and underfunded child and family services.

Trudeau … defended the move. The court application does not urge a “conversation.” Trudeau wants the whole order scrapped. It has angered First Nations groups.

Trudeau next brought his chainsaw to cutting military health care spending last spring. The way the system currently works, the military reimburses civilian hospitals to take care of its members. As noted by Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski, the total amount turned down by DND is at least $10 million.

In the whole scheme of things, this is chump change. For the soldier who put everything on the line for the country, it’s a mean-spirited move.

It’s the height of hypocrisy for Trudeau to assail Ford on provincial government cuts when Trudeau is squeezing First Nations on a fair deal. He talks ad nauseam about making peace and reconciliation with First Nations. But his actions suggest he’s just not interested. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

As far as the military is concerned, Trudeau has never been driven to show any compassion for our troops.

I guess we need Liberal cuts to send all those people camping, an obvious pressing social issue for Trudeau. Let First Nations and the military eat cake.