LILLEY: Trudeau gives Quebec a pass in a way he never would for Alberta or Ontario

Imagine what the reaction would be from Justin Trudeau if a provincial government, other than the Government of Quebec, announced that they would cut immigration by 10%, impose a values test and pass a law that prevented religious minorities from wearing visible symbols of their faith.

Well, you don’t actually have to imagine because the Trudeau government has a habit of attacking those who disagree with them as Nazis, as unCanadian or worse. As long as those who disagree with the Trudeau Liberals are not popular provincial politicians from Quebec.

Francois Legault, the former Parti Quebcois cabinet minister turned CAQ Premier, has already announced that Quebec will cut immigration by 10%. Legault has said he wants to impose a values test on immigrants and passed Bill 21 to stop people who wear visible religious attire, such as a yarmulke, a hijab or a turban from working in the Quebec civil service.

“If, for example, a Conservative majority government under Doug Ford wanted to attack francophones in Ontario, they expect a federal government to be there to defend them,” Trudeau said when pushed on why he had not taken on Quebec’s Bill 21.

Yes, even when explaining why he won’t stand up to a racist and bigoted bill from his home province of Quebec, Trudeau can’t help but invoke Ford’s name.

The man intervened in a case to keep prosecuting people that bring beer across provincial boundaries as one of his first acts as PM but won’t actually defend religious and visible minorities.

On this issue, Trudeau tells English Canada one thing and French Canada, Quebec in particular, another. In the French debate last week he actually praised Quebec lowering their intake of immigration.

“That’s a good thing because of the Quebec identity and because of the need to protect the French language and if he wants to apply a values test, well, he can do that and it’s appropriate,” Trudeau said.