LILLEY: Trudeau attacks Kenney and Ford while trolling for Quebec votes

Justin Trudeau claims to be a champion of national unity but you wouldn’t know it as he pits one province against another.

On Wednesday, the Liberal leader told Quebecers to vote for him to stop provincial premiers in Ontario and Alberta.

“Québecers need to stand up and fight against those like Jason Kenney and Doug Ford and other conservative politicians,” Trudeau said while looking for votes in Montreal.

In my near 20 years covering politics, in the seven elections that I have watched up close as a journalist, I have never seen a federal politician call on voters in one province to stop provincial politicians in another. That includes former Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien dealing with separatist governments in Quebec.

Now Trudeau openly tells Quebecers to vote for him to stop the duly elected premiers of Ontario and Alberta. And he is the one calling them divisive.

“Conservatives are choosing to play very divisive games and to use the politics of fear and division to try and get Canadians to vote for them,” Trudeau said.

Uh, huh.