Angry London commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters off delayed subway cars

In a video, people can be seen grabbing the legs of an Extinction Rebellion activist and yanking him off the train, where he was engulfed by the crowd and struck

Climate change activists were dragged off the top of a busy London Tube train by angry commuters Thursday morning as staff had to hold back their attacks.

In a video, protesters from activist group Extinction Rebellion are seen climbing up on a Tube train, effectively holding it at the station, and brandishing a large banner that said “Business as usual = death” while commuters were throwing food and yelling at them.

Eventually, people can be seen grabbing onto the legs of an activist and yanking them off the train, where they were engulfed by the crowd and struck repeatedly.

Extinction Rebellion is in the second week of civil disobedience that has targeted government buildings, a local airport and financial institutions such as BlackRock to highlight the threat posed by climate change.

The London mayor, police and commuters scolded the group for its tactics, arguing that public transport was one of the greenest methods of travel.